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School Policies

We like to make sure our families stay well informed throughout the dance season. Start by reading through our Ascend Handbook where we cover topics like:

  • class attendance

  • withdrawing from a class
  • dress code

  • weather policies

  • payment policies & more!

  • Download & read our full SEASON 6 PARENT WELCOME PACKET HERE


Summer 2021 Tuition

  • $85 for 6 Weeks of Dance!

  • Our Summer Session runs 6 weeks  & begins June 22nd and ends August 5th.

  • We will be closed July 27th - July 31 for a dance teacher conference in Connecticut that our staff will be attending. 

  • All students must enroll in auto-pay to finalize registration.

  • See section below for discounts, etc.

Season 8 2021 - 2022 tuition & pricing details


  •  $62.00 monthly installment for each class meeting 1x per week. *with no additional fees!

  • *$112.00 for classes that meet 2x per week. (10% savings!)

  • $160.00 for classes that meet 3x per week (15% savings!)

  • *NEW*  TRIPLE THREAT package! All dancers taking ballet, tap and jazz receive a special additional discount making all 3 classes monthly just $162.00 (an additional 5% savings on top of our multiple class discounts!)

  • Class add-ons are shorter classes meant to be taken in conjunction with a regular weekly class. These classes are generally $45 monthly installment

  • Drop in class fee: $15 per class


  • $62.00 monthly installment = 50 - 55 minute class, 1x per week

  • $112 monthly installment = any class that meets 2x per week

  • $160 monthly installment = any class that meets 3x per week

  • Our adult classes are on a pay-per-class, series payment, or dance-card payment system

  • All drop in classes are $15.00

Multiple class pricing structure: 

2 classes = 117.80

3 classes = 170.50

4 classes = 220.10

5 classes = 269.70

6 classes = 319.30


Our annual Membership fee comes with a lot of perks! Membership fee payment is how you reserve a space in a class during open enrollment (like a registration fee).

In addition, our members receive early access to schedules and members-only enrollment times, as well as membership pricing on all our camps, workshops, master classes and events. Some of our events are reserved JUST for our members!

*You do NOT have to be enrolled in a weekly class to pay a membership fee and take advantage of membership pricing on events!

  • Membership covers an entire family and is $55.00 annually.

Payment Policies

  • Tuition is always due on the 10th of the month.

  • Auto-pay runs on the 10th of each month. 

  • All students enroll in Auto-pay when registering.

  • Those who wish to pay via check or cash vs. online payment can do so anytime before the 10th of the month, but must also be enrolled in Autopay with a card or account on file.  Autopay will run on the 10th of the month, for any unpaid balance on a student's account.

  • We accept cash, card or checks for payment in studio, as well as online payments via credit card or paypal account.

  • We are EPIC charter school vendors & accept Epic payments. Epic students will be charged a $35 admin fee annually.

  • The parent or guardian is responsible for notifying, in writing, Ascend Studios of any changes to payment information.

  • The returned check/declined card fee is $35. This fee will be added after 30 days to any auto-pay accounts that continually decline, with an over-due balance.

  • For all tuition based classes (vs. dance card classes) Tuition is due REGARDLESS OF attendance. Please see our Make-up class policy for more information. 


  • Additional classes receive a 10% discount.                                                                         When you add additional classes to your schedule (i.e.: ballet class AND a jazz class) tuition for the first class is $62.00 per month, & tuition for the second class receives a 10% discount making the 2nd class $58.90. Third and fourth classes receive a 15% discount. This applies to a single student adding additional classes, and families enrolling multiple students. *This does not apply to our ballet classes that meet 2x or 3x weekly.

  • Semester payments receive a 10% discount. Any family wishing to pay for a full semester in advance will receive a 10% discount on their semester tuition, .

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