MUSIC MOVE & PLAY     Ages 20 months - 3 years    

TWO'S & TUTU'S      A first introduction to dance for ages Ages 2.0-3.5yrs   


BALLET FOUNDATIONS I & II     Foundations I, ages 3-5 and Foundations II ages 4-5


ELEMENTARY BALLET        Ages 8-12

ELEMENTARY HIP-HOP          Ages 9-12


TEEN BALLET        Ages 12 and up 



A step up from our structured play class, Two's & Tutu's is designed to begin introducing young children to the dance classroom.

Through songs & play basic ballet concepts are introduced, from first position to plie'! Students enjoy learning in an encouraging environment while working on gross motor skills and brain-body connections.
(Two's & Tutu's often operates as a  parent-child class, with the goal of being "independent" or parent-free by the end of our dance season)

A technique class for those interested in toning stretching and strengthening through the art of ballet. Emphasis in this class will be on safe execution of basic ballet technique. Class will include stretches, strengthening exercises as well as ballet barre and center floor choreography. 
Dress code: comfortable clothing you can move in (be aware of how you look bending forward, backward, side to side, and with raised arms). Ballet or jazz shoes. 

Continued education in the art of classical ballet. Students explore the artistic as well as the technical aspects of classical ballet technique through the addition of advanced level allegro and pirouette. Stamina is built through longer classes and choreography. 
Students at this level who have had a minimum 3 years ballet experience are eligible to take a pointe-readiness exam.

Building from a foundation of ballet principles students at this level increase their ballet vocabulary, and begin learning proper technique for successful and safe execution. Learning is fun and upbeat, creativity continues to be explored as students are asked to imagine their own dances and worlds. Important lessons learned at this level: “dancing can be hard work” & “we can make hard work fun!”. 

A hip-hop class for beginner-intermediate students who want to move! Class starts with a quick warm-up including stretches, strengthening & brief cardio. Then dancers are taught multiple routines to perfect & learn common steps used in Hip-Hop dance.

It's a great workout, & a lot of fun.

A time of great development, elementary years are the place where students with a good foundation begin executing more allegro (jump, quick) and pirouette (turning) movements as well as pre-pointe exercises. All students entering this level should expect to remain here for some time to develop proper technique and sufficiently master necessary vocabulary for pointe work and future levels. Learning continues to be fun as the lessons that “dancing can be hard work” “hard work can be fun” and “work comes before play” become habit. 
Dress code: black or pink leotard, pink tights, pink leather or canvas ballet slippers

A structured play class where students explore musical concepts and play with movement through the use of props, songs & games.
An excellent class for developing young bodies and brains of all abilities.

(This is a parent-child class)

We utilize a variety of dance styles in this class to develop stronger more well-rounded dancers. From modern floor work to traditional jazz warm-up & stretches, to our contemporary choreography, strengthening exercises & skill drills this class is designed to grow our dancers in strength, flexibility & overall dance quality.

Ballet is the foundation for all other professional dance forms. Our foundations class is based in basic ballet technique. Students learn arm and foot positions, basic locomotor exercises, classroom etiquette and basic ballet principles in a fun, upbeat and highly creative environment. (Students will come home teaching you how to do “popcorn toes!” and “flamingo legs”!)

Developing and exploring creative concepts is important to us. Games and exercises encourage the development of your student’s creativity. (Students must be potty trained)

Foundational Jazz technique in a fun and positive atmosphereI Class begins with a fun warm-up, including conditioning exercises for strength, stamina and flexibility and ends with classic, broadway or contemporary style combinations and choreography. Students should expect to learn a classical jazz foundation while exploring contemporary and broadway styles.