We are firm believers in the benefits dance training provides.

Few activities provide the same level of physical, cognitive and emotional gains.







​We provide a space open to all academic dance and recreational dance classes, & small local events. By creating an environment that respects and celebrates the true artistry of dance we aim to educate and inspire a community-wide love and appreciation for dance.

At Ascend Studios one-hundred percent of our time and focus is on developing teamwork and technique. Our classical ballet curriculum provides foundational training that allows our students to excel in all dance forms and classes. We believe that dance is about more than a status symbol or a trophy; instead, it’s the combined reflection of our five Core Values: Discipline, Art, Technique, A Good Attitude, and A Love of Learning. Whether it’s ballet, jazz, tap, modern, or contemporary classes, our adult fitness classes or our ballroom dance events, our goal is to inspire dancers to dance because they love it!

Academic classes at Ascend Studios focus on the long term goals of continuing dance through high school and beyond. Instead of emphasizing the latest fads we train our dancers to become more well rounded and adaptable artists. Our Core Values provide a foundation for Ascend students to grow-up in dance with a developed life long love and appreciation for movement and a great work ethic.
Recreational classes at Ascend Studios use dance and fitness as a way to encourage a fun and healthy lifestyle. Developed for families with children, teens, students with disabilities, local artists, moms, couples, and dance enthusiasts we offer a variety of classes for all ages and skill sets!

Events at Ascend Studios are the pride and joy of our space. Whether it’s seasonal children’s recitals, educating the community through master classes and guest performances, or benefit concerts our hope is to not only offer classes, but a place for the art of dance to truly be experienced and loved.

our approach