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everything we do is for the love of dance.
We provide a space open to all academic dance and recreational dance classes, & small local events. By creating an environment that respects and celebrates the true artistry of dance. we aim to educate and inspire a community-wide love and appreciation for dance.
At Ascend Studios one-hundred percent of our time and focus is on developing teamwork and technique. Our curriculum provides foundational training that allows our students to excel in all dance forms and classes. We believe that dance is about more than a status symbol or a trophy; instead, it’s the combined reflection of our five Core Values: Discipline, Artistry, Technique, A Good Attitude, and A Love of Learning.

our goal is to inspire dancers to dance because they love it!


Our studio space is available for rent for children's birthday parties and other small events. Contact us for more information. 

In a positive environment everyone thrives. Our professional floors & equipment keep our dancers safe, while our positive environment encourages them to grow & explore!

At Ascend Studios we like to believe that dance is for everyone. That's why we offer dance classes for Toddlers through Adults, groups, private lessons, & choreography sessions. 

Parties & Events



Technique. A Love for Learning. Artistry. Discipline. A Positive Attitude.

Our 5 core values help us train dancers not just to be better dancers, but to be better people. 

Quality Dance Instruction 

at Ascend studios we offer: